My Settings (Individual User Settings)

Each user has default settings unique to their profile separate from the firm's settings. These settings include defaults applied when processing. These default settings are not related to your SafeSend Returns personal settings; they only apply to Organizers. To access these settings: 

  1. Click the Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. 
  2. Click My Settings.
  3. Select the following default options:  
Default ERO/Signer This ERO is automatically applied to the organizers uploaded by the logged-in user. 
Default Contact Person

This is the person that your clients will reach out to for any help needed in SafeSend Organizers. 

Default Sender

This determines if the email notifications from SafeSend Organizers show a user's name or the firm's name. All emails come from 

Default Notify About Signing Events

This user is notified via email when the engagement letter and/or other included documents are signed. 

Default Notify About Organizer Events

This user is notified via email when the organizer is marked as completed by the taxpayer. 

Default Notify About Uploading Events

This user is notified via email when the taxpayer uploads documents and clicks the Save & Notify button. 

Default Download Options 

This selection determines where the files you select for download are downloaded. See the SafeSend Returns My Downloads article for more information.  


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