Organizers Report Overview

This article provides an overview of the Organizers Report dashboard in SafeSend Organizers.

  1. Navigate to Organizers in the left panel. 
  2. Click Organizers Report


Bulk Action Items

These actions can be performed on multiple returns at the same time. 

Send Reminder

  1. Check the box to the left of the taxpayer's name.
  2. Click Send Reminder to open the Send Reminder Options window. 
  3. Click the checkbox next to the reminders to be delivered. 
  4. Click Send to deliver the reminders. 



  1. Check the box to the left of the taxpayer's name.
  2. Click Download to download signed documents, the completed organizer, and uploaded source documents. 


Change Status

  1. Check the box to the left of the taxpayer's name.
  2. Click Change Status to open the Change Status to Manual process window. 
  3. Click the checkbox next to the statuses to be updated. 
  4. Click Save to update the selected statuses. 


View and Export


  1. Click the View drop-down. 
  2. Select One-off Organizers to view delivered one-off organizers OR
  3. Select Batch Organizers to view delivered batch organizers. 



  1. Click the Refresh icon to refresh the report to reflect any recent changes.



Type into the column headers or select an option from the column header drop-down to filter returns. Click the arrows at the top of the column to sort in ascending/descending order. You can also save, apply, or clear all filters. 

  1. Use the Column Headers to filter the Organizer Report OR
  2. Click the Filters drop-down to ApplySave, or Clear Filters.


Export to Excel

  1. Click Export to Excel to export the current filtered report into a CSV file.


Action Menu

Edit Client Info

  1. Click the green Edit Client Info button to open a window to view and edit client information.
  2. Edit any information necessary. 
  3. Click Save to save any changes made. 



  1. Click the Download Organizer button to open the Download Organizer window. 
  2. Click the green File Name to download that item OR
  3. Click Download All to download all documents listed. 



  1. Click the Delete button to open the Delete Organizer window. 
  2. Click Confirm to remove the organizer from SafeSend Organizers.


More Action Items

  1. Click the More Action Items (...) icon to open the additional menu for organizer actions.
  2. Select an action item (detailed below).


Resend Access Link

  1. Click the More Action Items (...) icon.
  2. Click Resend Access Link to open the Resend Access Link window. 
  3. Click the Resend Access Link icon to resend the link to the selected taxpayer OR
  4. Click the Copy icon to copy the Organizer access link to your clipboard. 


Client View

The Client View option opens a new tab that displays the Organizer as the client sees it. You will be able to see what progress has been made by the taxpayer.

Please note:

Pop-ups must be enabled for the new tab to open. 
  1. Click the More Action Items (...) icon.
  2. Click Client View
  3. Click the taxpayer or spouse's name to open a new tab. 
  4. Click through the organizer as the taxpayer to see what steps have been completed. 



Client Tracking

  1. Click the More Action Items (...) icon.
  2. Click Client Tracking to view the activity on the organizer, from access to signature.
  3. Review Client Tracking events. 


View Access Code

  1. Click the More Action Items (...) icon.
  2. Click View Access Code to open the Access Code window. 
  3. View the most current access code OR
  4. Click Generate Access Code to generate a new code for the taxpayer.

Please note:

The code is not automatically sent to the taxpayer, it needs to be provided by the user via email or phone.  The code will expire after 20 minutes, after it is used, or after a new code is generated. 


Report a Problem

This option allows you to send a report from a specific organizer to our Support team. This provides them with additional return details that may be useful for troubleshooting. 

  1. Click the More Action Items (...) icon.
  2. Click Report a Problem
  3. Enter a Description of the issue. The more details, the better. 
  4. Click Submit to send the report to our Support team.


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