SafeSend Organizers Report Overview

This article provides an overview of the Organizers Report area of SafeSend Organizers.

Action Items

  1. Send Reminder
    • Send reminders for a status of Awaiting Signature.
    • Check the box to the left of the Name.
    • Click Send Reminder.
  2. View
    • Select between One-Off or Batch Organizers.
  3. Refresh
  4. Filter
  5. Export to Excel
  6. Edit Client Info
    • Click the green card in order to access the Edit Client Info window.
    • Click Save Changes.
  7. Download Organizer
  8. Deletesoro1.png
  9. More Action Items
      1. Resend Access Link
        • This is available once all signers have completed signing the returnsoro3.png
      2. Client Tracking
      3. View Access Code
        • This option allows for the Access Code to be viewed or generated. 
      4. Report a Problem


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