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This article shows the SafeSend Organizers client view as seen on a desktop. Please see the Client Mobile View article to see how the process looks on a mobile device.

Click on each section below to expand the steps and to see the client experience for accessing, signing, and completing an organizer.

Initial Email
  1. Click the access link to get started. 

The initial email will come from either the Name of the Sender or the Name of the Firm at


Start Page
  1. Click Contact Person to reach out to the firm if you have any questions.
  2. Click Get Started to proceed to Authentication.




One of two pages displays based on firm settings:

  • Email Access Code - An 8-digit access code is sent to the same email address the initial email was sent to.
  • Mobile Access Code - A 6-digit access code is sent to your cell phone via text message.
  1. Click the Request Access Code button.
  2. Enter the 6 or 8-digit access code in the code field.
  3. Click Continue to proceed to the Welcome Page.



Welcome Page

This is the main dashboard for your organizer. 

  1. The title line displays: 
    • Contact Person link for you to reach out to the firm.
    • Settings panel where you can logout.
  2. A message from your tax firm is displayed. 
  3. Click a step to get started. 
    • Sign Documents only appears if signature documents were included. 
      • Note: If your tax organizer has also been delivered to your spouse, you or your spouse may have to wait to sign the engagement letter until the other party signs first. The Sign Engagement Letter icon will be greyed out until the other party has completed signing. 
    • Complete Organizer will be greyed out until signing is completed or the document has been reviewed. 
    • Upload Documents only appears if the firm settings allow it. It will be greyed out until signing is completed or the document has been reviewed. 
  4. Select Click Here to Continue to move to the first step. 


Sign Engagement Letter

Please note:

  • If signing is required by the firm, the Mark as Reviewed button will not be available. 
  • To bypass signing, click the Mark as Reviewed button. 
    • A consent box will appear asking you to confirm you have reviewed the document. 
  1. Click the Start button to begin signing.   
    • Continue to click the arrow as you proceed to be led to all signature lines. 
  2. Click the Signature Box
  3. Type or Draw your signature. 
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click Finish



Complete Organizer

After signing the engagement letter, you will be directed back to the Welcome Page. From this page, you can do the following:

  1. Click Download to download signed documents. 
    • Note: If your spouse still needs to sign, only your signature will be applied.
  2. Click Complete Organizer to open the organizer and fill it out. 

  3. Click Upload Documents to upload source documents. 

  4. Click Here to Continue to automatically be taken to the next step (Complete Organizer). 


Filling the Organizer

Please note:

You can type on top of existing text to replace it. 

  1. Click a bookmark name in the Bookmarks Panel to move to a specific page.

  2. Navigation

    • Click the navigation arrows to move through the organizer pages.

    • Type a page number into the box to navigate to a specific page.

  3. Click the yes/no checkbox or fill in a short answer to complete Custom Questions from your CPA for you to complete. 
    • Note: If you do not see Custom Questions, you will not have to complete that section.
  4. Type into the Notes to Preparer to enter any notes you need to provide to your CPA. 
  5. Type into the green fillable fields of the organizer. Complete all the pages of the organizer if possible.

    • Note: If your organizer is sent to you and your Spouse, edits made by each will be identified with color-coding so you can tell who made edits to the organizer.
  6. Click Here to Upload to upload source documents. You can drag/drop files or click to open a file browser. 
    • Note: This icon only appears on certain pages. 
  7. In the Bookmark Panel, icons are added to those pages that may require source documents.
  8. Click Save & Continue Later to be directed back to the Welcome Page.

  9. Click Finish to open a pop-up to confirm you've completed all of the forms and mark the organizer as complete. 



Finishing the Organizer

After you click the Finish button, you will receive a pop-up notification to confirm you are done.

  1. Click Review Missing Information if the organizer is not completed.
  2. Click Organizer Complete if the organizer is completed. 


If the organizer was sent to you and your spouse, after you click the Finish, the pop-up notification will look slightly different.

  1. Click Send for Review if you would like to send the organizer to your spouse for review. 
  2. Click Organizer Complete if the organizer is completed. 


If the Organizer Complete button is selected, you will be directed back to the Welcome Page

Upload Documents

If your firm allows, you have the option to upload tax source documents within your organizer. You will receive an email confirming the firm has received your documents after upload. 

Please note:

Supported file types include PDF, DOC, Excel, PNG and JPEG. Other file types cannot be uploaded. 
File names must be 200 characters or less. 
Encrypted or password protected documents should not be uploaded and cannot be previewed. 
  1. Drag/drop into the box to upload any required documents, like W-2s.
  2. Click to Upload any required source documents.
    • Upload one or more documents. 
  3. Click Download to download the documents you have already uploaded. 
  4. Click the Eye icon to preview your document. 
  5. Click the Delete icon to remove the document. 
  6. Click Complete when you have uploaded all tax source documents. 
    • This will remove the upload option from your organizer. 
    • The firm that prepared the organizer can unlock the upload option for you. 
  7. Click Save & Notify Tax Professional to save your document uploads and send an email to the firm. 


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