Client Experience: Organizers on Mobile

This article outlines the SafeSend Organizers experience for clients using a mobile device. Please see the Client Experience article to see how the process looks on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Click on each section below to expand the steps and to see the client experience for accessing, signing, and uploading documents in an organizer.


  • Organizers can't be completed on a mobile device, the client must use a desktop computer.
  • Only signing engagement letters and uploading source documents is supported.
  • If there are no engagement letters to sign or source documents to upload, the client sees a message directing them to sign in to the organizer on their desktop computer to complete it.
Initial Email

The taxpayer receives an email with a link to the designated tax organizer. All emails come from 

  1. Click the access link or copy/paste it into a browser to get started. 


Start Page

The start page shows the firm's logo and the name of the client.

  1. Click Get Started to proceed to authentication. 


One of two pages will display based on the firm's settings.

  1. Email Access Code - Access codes are sent to the email address assigned to the organizer.
  2. Mobile Access Code - Access codes are sent to the taxpayer's cell phone via text message.
    1. Click the Request Access Code button.
      • A green banner appears to let you know that the request was received.
    2. Enter the access code in the Enter access code here field after receiving it.
    3. Click Continue to proceed to the Welcome Page.

ORGCI3.jpg      ORGCI4.jpg

Welcome Page

A notification appears advising the taxpayer to move to a laptop or desktop if they would like to download, view, print or complete their organizer. 

    1. Click OK to proceed. 

If there is an engagement letter or a need to upload source documents, the client can do one of the following:

    1. Click Message from Tax Preparer to view a message from the firm that prepared your organizer. 
    2. Click Sign Engagement Letter to be taken to that step. 
    3. Click Upload Documents to be taken to that step. 



If there is no engagement letter in the organizer and the Upload Source Documents option is turned off, the client sees a message directing them to complete the organizer on their desktop computer.


Engagement letter

The client can choose to Skip signing and complete it later or sign. 

  1. Click the Start arrow to be led to the first signature block.
  2. Click the green signature blocks to open the Signature window. 
  3. Type out or draw your signature.
    • Click Apply to use this selected signature moving forward.
    • Use the Next arrow to be led to your next signature.
  4. Click Finish once all signature fields are completed to continue.
  5. Enter Spouse's email address (if applicable). 
  6. Click Save & Continue

ORGCI6.jpg       ORGCI7.jpg

Upload Source Documents

The upload documents page lets the client attach requested documents to the organizer. SafeSend Organizers accepts the following file types: JPG, PDF, PNG, DOCX (MS-Word), XLS (Excel).

  1. Click the camera icon next to a document name to choose a file. 

  2. A document name shows an upload(s) label after one or more files are uploaded.


    The client can click the camera icon again to upload additional files.

  3. Click the upload(s) label to see the name of the attached files, view, delete, or download them.

Complete Upload
  1. Click the Finish button to be directed back to the Organizer landing page. Clicking Finish does not prevent additional document uploads. 


To complete the organizer, it must be accessed on a desktop computer and filled out. 


Organizers can't be completed on a mobile device.

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