Settings: Saved Messages

Here you can add, preview, and change Saved Message templates that you can apply while processing an organizer. The taxpayer sees this message after they authenticate. 

Please note:

Only System Administrators have access to the Settings section.
  1. Click Settings in the left panel of Organizers. 
  2. Click Saved Messages


Add a New Message

  1. Click the + icon above the message list.
  2. Enter a brief name for the message. This name appears in the Message From Preparer drop-down in the Delivery Options tab during processing. 
  3. Click the Default toggle to set this message as your firm default (optional).
    • Only one message can be the default.
  4. Fill out the body of the message in rich text format. You can set the font size, style, alignment, and color of the text.
  5. Check Allow users to edit before sending to allow users to edit the message during processing (optional).
  6. Click Add to save the new message.


  • To insert images, copy and paste them from another program.
  • Click the Variables List to show all available variables that can be placed into the Body to automatically fill with the listed information.


Edit a Saved Message

  1. Click on a saved message from the message list.
    • A preview of the message appears to the right.
  2. Click on the Edit button to bring up the editing window.
  3. You can do the following:
      • Change the name of the message.
      • Set the message as the default message to use when processing extensions.
      • Edit the body of the message in rich text format. This lets you change the font size, style, alignment, and color.
      • Let firm users edit the message before sending the extension.
  4. Click Save when you are done making changes.


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