Settings: Custom Questions

In this section, you can create multiple questionnaires for different client types. These questions can be used instead of the questionnaire provided by your tax software OR used in addition to that.

Please note:

Only System Administrators have access to the Settings section.

There is a limit of 200 questions and a limit of 200 sections.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Custom Questions. 

Navigate to CQ.png

Recent Questionnaires Dashboard

Here you can select to edit an existing questionnaire or create a new template from scratch. 

  1. Select the More menu to open the existing template options. 
    • Select Edit to open the questionnaire template. 
    • Select Rename to rename the template that appears to internal users.
    • Select Delete to delete the existing template. 
  2. Click on the Star to apply the template as the default. 
    • This will be the default template that is applied during processing.
  3. Click Create New Template to build a template from scratch. 

CQ Recent Questionnairs.png

Add New Template

  1. Select Create New Template.
  2. Enter the name of the new questionnaire. 
  3. Enter a description of the questionnaire. 
  4. Click Continue

Add new template.png

Adding Sections

  1. Click Add New Section.
  2. Enter the Section Name.
  3. Click Save.

Create new section.png

Adding Questions


The text should not be copied/pasted into this section. It can cause display issues.

Choose from the following question types for a more detailed and unique questionnaire:

Yes/NoParagraphMultiple Choice

Adding Yes/No Questions

  1. Click Yes/No from the Type drop-down.
  2. Click Follow-up Question if you wish to ask additional questions depending on the answer. 
  3. Click Yes and/or No to apply another question type for response. 
  4. Select the response Type
      • Only 1 Branch of questions is allowed.
        • Available options are Paragraphs and Multiple Choice. 

Yes- No Q Type.png

Template Management


  1. Click Preview to see a preview of what the Custom Questions will look like for taxpayers.
  2. Click Duplicate to duplicate the question. 
  3. Click Delete to delete the question. 
  4. Toggle Required to On to make the question required. 

Q managment.png


  1. Click on the More menu to view section management options.
    1. Select Move to re-arrange the order of the sections.
    2. Select Duplicate to create a new section with the same questions. 
    3. Select Rename to name the section something else. 
    4. Select Merge to combine sections. 
    5. Select Delete to delete the section.

Section management.png

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