Leading Zeros in CSV Template

Excel tends to remove leading 0's in CSV templates. This can be an issue when adding Client IDs to the CSV template. The following steps will help you prevent this issue. 


After you save and close the file, do not reopen it. If you do, the formatting will revert and you will need to perform the below steps again before closing out of the program.

  1. Right-click a highlighted cell after selecting the entire Zip Code column.
  2. Select Format. 
  3. Click on the Number tab.
  4. Select the Custom category.
  5. Enter 0's in the Type section until the number is formatted correctly. 
    • The number of 0's should equal the number of characters for that column; 5 digits for zip codes. 
  6. Click OK.

Once these steps are completed, save and close the file.


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