Check Boxes or Text Boxes Misplaced

If you or your taxpayer notice that check boxes or fillable text boxes are missing or misplaced, generally this indicates the print settings were altered, the organizer was edited, or the page in question is not recognized. Review the steps below to correct the issue. 

You can use the Taxpayer Preview button in the Delivery Options tab to review the return before delivery. Any box that is green will be fillable on the taxpayer's side. You cannot fill in the boxes in the preview. 



Check Your Print Settings

CCH Axcess™ Best Practices for Printing Organizers

CCH® ProSystem fx® Best Practices for Printing Organizers

GoSystem® Tax RS Best Practices for Printing Organizers

Lacerte® Print Settings for Organizers and Engagement Letters

UltraTax CS® Print Settings for Organizers and Engagement Letters

Restore Defaults

Ensure that only default fonts and margins are being used. Any custom fonts or margins can cause misalignment.

Make sure the default questionnaire has not been edited. Questions cannot be added or removed; this causes the checkboxes to be misaligned. 

If you would like to customize the questionnaire, please use the Custom Questions feature instead. 

The page size should be 8.5 X 11. Any other size will cause misalignment. 

Recognized Forms

Only 1040 organizers are currently recognized. 

Only tax year 2021 and later organizers are currently recognized, except CCH organizers which also include the tax year 2020. 

Most organizer forms should be recognized and have fillable boxes. Notable exceptions include: 

  • Due Diligence forms. 
  • Custom forms.

Contact Support 

If the steps above have been completed, and the fillable fields are still misplaced, please report the issue to our Support team for review. You can use the Report a Problem function in Organizers, or contact us via phone or email. 

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