CCH Axcess™ Best Practices for Printing Organizers

This article contains information on print settings for CCH Axcess organizers that are uploaded to SafeSend Organizers. Follow these guidelines for an optimal experience. For information on how to prepare batch organizers, see Uploading Batch Organizers.

Engagement Letters

  • Include engagement letters in your CCH Axcess organizer so that they transfer into SafeSend Organizers.

Print Options

Batch processing

  • To use batch processing, organizer filenames should be named by Name and ID:

    <YYYY><US><system letter> <Client Name> <Organizer> <Client ID> <V#>
    Example: (2015USI Smith, John Organizer ABC123 V1)



  • Do not customize the questionnaire. Use the default questionnaire in CCH Axcess™.

Social Security Numbers

  • We recommend suppressing social security numbers when outputting a CCH Axcess organizer.

Checklist Organizer Forms

  • We recommend using the checklist organizer created by CCH Axcess. This helps reduce the number of unnecessary pages.

CCH Axcess Reference Documents

The following documents contain additional information about CCH Axcess and are hosted in the CCH® Knowledge Base.


The content linked below is created and maintained by Wolters Kluwer®, makers of CCH Axcess. If you have trouble with these instructions, or with configuring your product to meet SafeSend requirements, please contact Wolters Kluwer® support.

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