CCH® ProSystem fx® Best Practices for Printing Organizers

This article contains information about using CCH® ProSystem fx® organizers with SafeSend Organizers. Follow these guidelines for an optimal experience. For information on how to prepare batch organizers, see Uploading Batch Organizers.

Engagement letters

  • Include engagement letters in your CCH® ProSystem fx® organizer so that they transfer into SafeSend Organizers.

Print options


  • When printing your CCH® ProSystem fx® organizer, always set the Destination dropdown to PDF File to make sure bookmarks are properly generated.

Batch processing

  • To use batch processing, organizer filenames should be in the default CCH® ProSystem fx® format:

    <YYYY><US><system letter> <Client Name> <Organizer> <Client ID> <V#>
    Example: (2015USI Smith, John Organizer ABC123 V1)


  • Do not customize the questionnaire. Use the default questionnaire in CCH® ProSystem fx®.

Social Security Numbers

  • We recommend suppressing social security numbers when outputting a CCH® ProSystem fx® organizer.

Checklist organizer forms

  • We recommend using the checklist organizer created by CCH® ProSystem fx®. This helps reduce the number of unnecessary pages.

CCH ProSystem fx® reference documents

The following documents contain additional information about CCH® ProSystem fx® and are hosted in the CCH® Knowledge Base.


The content linked below is created and maintained by Wolters Kluwer®, makers of CCH® ProSystem fx®. If you have trouble with these instructions, or with configuring your product to meet SafeSend requirements, please contact Wolters Kluwer® support.

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