GoSystem® Tax RS Best Practices for Printing Organizers

This article contains information about using GoSystem® Tax RS organizers with SafeSend Organizers. Follow these guidelines for a successful upload. For information on how to prepare batch organizers, see Uploading Batch Organizers.

Engagement letters

  • Do not include engagement letters in your organizers. Print them to a separate PDF.

Print options

Batch processing

To use batch processing, GoSystem® Tax RS organizer and engagement letter filenames must be in the following format:

  • Organizer name format:

    <Taxpayer Last Name>_<Taxpayer First Name>&<Spouse Last Name>_<Spouse First Name>_<Client ID>_<Tax Year>
    Example: Smith_John&Smith_Jane_ABC123_2020

  • Engagement letter name format:

    <Engagement Letter>_<Client ID>
    Example: Engagement Letter_ABC123


  • Do not customize the questionnaire. Use the default questionnaire in GoSystem® Tax RS.

Social Security Numbers

  • We recommend suppressing social security numbers when outputting a GoSystem Tax RS organizer.

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