Processing an Organizer

This article will guide you through processing an organizer, start to finish.

Send Organizers

  1. Delete
  2. Search/filter bar
  3. Upload Button 
  4. Refresh
  5. Filter
  6. Export
  7. Action Items 


Uploading Organizer

After clicking on the software upload icon, the upload window will appear.

  1. Upload Document
  2. Client Name
  3. Client ID
  4. ERO/Signer
  5. Tax Return Type
  6. Tax Year
  7. Upload Progress
  8. Size
  9. Delete
  10. Close
  11. Submit


Client Info Tab

  • Organizer information.
  • Taxpayer section
    • Taxpayer's name
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Phone number
      • If Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled.
    • Deceased.


Engagement Letter Tab


  • Bookmarks
  • E-Signatures
    • Add Signature Field
    • Add Date Signed Field
    • Add Print Name Field
    • Add Initials Field
    • Add Email Address Field

Organizer Tab

  • Review Organizer. 
  • Move To
    • Delete


Custom Questions Tab

Review the questions and click the red Delete X in order to remove any unnecessary questions.


Deleted Tab

The Deleted tab holds any deleted pages.  To restore a page highlight the page and select Move To. If empty, the page displays as No Forms Available.


Delivery Options Tab

In the Delivery Options tab, you can determine some final settings with notifications and the final delivery for the organizer.

  1. Taxpayer Preview  
  2. Contact Person 
  3. Sender Name 
  4. Notify About Completed Engagement Letter
  5. Notify About Completed Organizer
  6. Notify about Uploaded Files


Finish Organizer Processing 


  • Click Finish
    • Deliver to First - Select Taxpayer or Spouse 
      • Please note: Delivery First only pertains to who will have the ability to sign first. The initial email with access to Organizer will be delivered simultaneously to the Taxpayer and Spouse (if applicable).
    • Verify the name, email address, and mobile number
    • Send
    • Cancel
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