Uploading Batch Organizers

In this article, we will outline the process to upload and deliver batch organizers for processing. 

Items needed to complete: 

  1. Completed .CSV Template
  2. Organizer .ZIP File

***Please Note: The Client ID in the .CSV file must match the corresponding PDF file name, otherwise, the system will show an ERROR status.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Select Batch Organizer from the drop-down next to the upload button


  1. Select a name
  2. Select an ERO
  3. Select a Tax Year
  4. Upload the .ZIP file
  5. Upload the completed .CSV file


 Items to note when filling out the .CSV:

  1. Each Client ID field must match a file name in the uploaded .ZIP file
  2. Country code and phone number are required when MFA is enabled, otherwise optional.  Digits only for both columns


Once the upload is complete you can press the '+' to see all uploaded documents and clients.  Processing can be done individually or in batch (topmost purple rocket icon)


After launching the process, an error screen will show.  If errors exist, they will be displayed as shown below.  In line editing allows information to be updated and corrected (Edit Client Info).  For other errors, such as an unrecognized file name, corrections to the .CSV or .ZIP file are required.  Users will need to re-upload as well


Once errors are complete, you are ready to process the organizer

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